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For Data Links we have developed the TDG (Test Data Generator), which allows both data links and sensors to be simulated. The TDG can be used to test data link and sensor interfaces and to provide a source of realistic entity data.
The TDG has an easy to use graphical user interface via which test and simulation scenarios can be prepared. Analysis of the data link interface is possible both online (live), via the user interface, and offline via data reduction using a standard text editor.

In order for the TDG to connect to a data link or sensor electrical interface, a Data Interface Unit has been designed which converts between synchronous and asynchronous bi-directionally. This allows the TDG  software to operate on a standard PC with connection via the RS232 interface. The synchronous bit stream transmitted and received by the TDG can be of any format including 9 and 13 bit formats used by some radar interfaces.
If you have a requirement for a PC to be able to receive and/or transmit a synchronous bit level protocol and have software control over each bit in the bit stream, then we may be able to help.


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