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SAMCOS (Surface to Air Missile Command & Control System)

Surface to air defence systems are deployed around the world in
both tactical and fixed configurations. Many of these systems use
voice communications to carry out command and control of the
weapon system. This may also include voice-telling target
information when the weapon system does not have a sensor itself.





SAMCOS is a low cost, off-the-shelf command and control system designed to be integrated into existing or
new surface to air defence systems.

The SAMCOS ICU (Interface Control Unit) interfaces to sensor and C4I systems for target acquisition and then disseminates the track data to the weapon systems, air defence command centre and if required to higher echelon systems. Several ICUís can be deployed when more than one sensor or data link is available.

The SAMCOS CCU (Command & Control Unit) allows the command staff to view all weapon assets and their status as well as the real time tactical situation.  Commands can be input to the CCU to instruct a weapon to engage specific targets. The status of an engagement is clearly displayed at all levels throughout the whole engagement cycle.  In addition air raid warning and defcon can be entered and disseminated to all levels. 

Each weapons system has a SAMCOS FCU (Fire Control Unit) that displays the tactical situation in an easy to understand and operate format.  The weapons system operator enters into the FCU their current readiness and engagement status. Commands received at the FCU are prominently displayed enabling the user to wilco/cantco the command.  An audible alarm is used for certain received commands and alert states. When an engagement is commenced the FCU will audibly instruct the weapons operator the location of the target. If an interface is available, the FCU can be directly connected to the weapon to provide automatic target location information.

SAMCOS communicates between the FCUís and the CCU via radio. Tests have been carried out using the Thales Panther V Combat Net Radio, Wavelength Solutions long range wireless LAN technology and Warwick Wireless Radio Modems. SAMCOS requires a communications bandwidth of 4800 bps or better. 

SAMCOS ICU features:

       * Current Interfaces:

           * Giraffe 40 Radar,
           * IDL to IHAWK and TSQ73 Missile Minder
           * TPS70/72 Westinghouse Radars
           * UDL for C4I Data Link
           * Tadil S
           * AWACS Ground Entry Terminal
           * Manual Air Defence Operations Control

        * Extensive trials have been carried out with the Giraffe 40 Radar.

        * Multiple data link and radar interfacing available via correlation.

SAMCOS CCU features:

        * Full Tactical COP (Common Operating Picture) Display.

          *The tactical situation can be displayed overlayed against any type of background map.

        * Military Symbol Set.

        * Record and Replay

        * Simulation

        * FCU Readiness

Tote Displays in the SAM Operations
Room keep the Commander updated
with FCU Status and activity.


Weapon availability and engagement
status is continually updated.

The FCU Status Tote shown right
also allows for changes to Weapon
Control Orders of Weapons Free,
Weapons Tight and Weapons Hold.

* Defcon and Air Raid Warning Control


*Changes to DEFCON & Air Raid Warning are effected using a simple dialogue box.  
A change to Air Raid Warning Red activates a siren at the FCU's.  

SAMCOS FCU features:

          * Full Tactical COP (Common Operating Picture) Display.

The FCU only displays the information necessary to carry out the FCU role. All operator actions are via buttons selected via the touch screen or trackerball.

          * Military Symbol Set. 

                 Mil Std 2525B is supplied as the default symbol set but directional icons 
                 are also provided as shown above.
          * Record and Replay

          * Simulation

          * GPS For Tactical Units

          * Ruggedised PC

                 The FCU uses a ruggedised notebook PC, which is controlled using a sun-readable touch-screen display.

          * Manual Tracking

                 The FCU PC can be interfaced with laser range finding binoculars. This
                 allows the FCUs to input track data in the event of no radar data being


SAMCOS - Other Roles

         SAMCOS can be extended for use in the Forward Observer or Forward
         Air Controller roles.


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